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'Told from Pen's point of view the reader connects with the likeable character and cheers on her ill-fated attempts to change her luck. The themes of celebrity and cloning are explored and the concept of karma cleverly ties the plot together. MISHAPS is an amusing read that combines all the right ingredients, romance, pop stars, school, friendship, humour and intrigue to be a winning read for teenage girls who will be immediately attracted to the cover design. This is an excellent first novel for the 12-16 year age group.' MAGPIES

‘MISHAPS is a great read for young adults as it contains many key ingredients to keep their interest - teen love triangles, spoilt celebrities, story tension and a speculative twist. Hilarious and entertaining with a refreshingly original presentation on a familiar theme, MISHAPS is a thoroughly enjoyable read. Recommended.' BUZZWORDS

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'Mishaps is a sometimes serious, often funny tale of Pen O’Connell’s unfortunate life. Nansi Kunse hooks the reader with rash recounts of Pen’s most embarrassing moments and the somewhat callous reactions of her peers. Mishaps is a great read that would appeal to anyone with a score to settle.' Sharron, coastal New South Wales, Australia YARA OLDER READERS